Dominic Howles

Double Bassist, Composer, Arranger


Along came Benny

Dominic Howles Quintet

Along Came Benny

Steve Fishwick - Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Dave O’Higgins - Tenor Sax
Ross Stanley - Piano 1,3,4,5,7,8,9,10
Nick Tomalin - Piano 2,6
Dominic Howles - Double Bass
Matt Fishwick - Drums

Rec 30th/31st Aug 2016 & 27th Aug 2017

1. Along came Benny listen
2. Meet me at the deli listen
3. Message in a bottle listen
4. Different destinations listen
5. We need to talk about Benny listen
6. Song for Ann listen
7. Ed’s Calypso listen
8. Ease Up listen
7. Like John listen
8. Last blues home listen

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Dominic Howles Septet

Bristolian Thoroughfare

Steve Fishwick - Trumpet (1,2,3,4,8)
Simon Da Silva - Trumpet (5,6,7)
Allison Neale - Flute
Jamie O’Donnell - Alto Sax
Josephine Davies - Tenor Sax
Nick Tomalin - Piano
Dominic Howles - Double Bass
Matt Fishwick - Drums

Rec 27th Aug / 29th Nov 2013

1. Bristolian Thoroughfare listen
2. Variations On A Riff listen
3. When Love Breaks Down listen
4. Sunset in Vancouver listen
5. Moving listen
6. Billy's Bridge listen
7. I Heard It Through The Grapevine listen
8. Ease Uplisten


London Jazz News

The Jazz Mann


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Dominic Howles Quartet

Radio Cannonball

Gareth Lockrane - Flute
Dave O'Higgins - Tenor Sax (7)
Nick Tomalin - Piano
Dominic Howles - Double Bass
Matt Fishwick - Drums

Rec 20th October 2014

1. Radio Cannonball. listen
2. Song For Suzanne listen
3. Once in a Lifetime listen
4. Tricrotism listen
5. I'm Glad There is You listen
6. Mr. S.G listen
7. Anna's Dance listen

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After living his early years in Jamaica and Hong Kong, Dominic Howles moved to leafy Somerset at the age of 13 to encounter two things he had never experienced before; Snow and the Wurzels.
Undaunted by such an onslaught, he soon got into playing bass guitar in local bands with influences being Bruce Foxton, Jean-Jacques Burnel, Mark King, Larry Graham, Robbie Shakespeare and Stanley Clark. Things were to change though in 1984 when Dominic saw Weather Report at the Glastonbury festival. This was to spark an interest in jazz that has carried on to the present day. While still on bass guitar, he attended jazz workshops run by respected London session sax player and arranger John Barton, who had moved down to Frome.

The move to double bass came a few of years later and from then on the acoustic side of jazz had taken over. Not long after, Dominic joined the Tommy Chase Quartet with whom he toured the country playing festivals, making TV and radio transmissions.

He then received a full scholarship to study at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama(1991-1992) on the one year post graduate course in Jazz and studio music. Whilst there he was able to play with renowned pianist John Taylor, singer Norma Winstone and saxophonist Stan Sulzmann.
Since leaving Guildhall, Dominic has been busy on the British jazz scene playing all across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He has also done TV (the Johnny Vaughan show, etc), Radio sessions (Stacey Kent, Blue Harlem, Tommy Chase etc) and theatre shows (Ain't Misbehavin’, Sweet Charity, West Side Story, etc). Some of the people who he has played and recorded with include:- Stacey Kent, Anita Wardell, Christine Tobin, Kevin Fitzsimmons, Bobby Wellins, Don Weller, Nick Brignola, Gary Smulyan, Kate Williams, Julian Siegel, Phil Robson, Tim Richards, Gareth Lockrane, Leon Greening, Pete Lukas, Pete Long, Malcolm Earle Smith, Pete Cater, Frank Griffith Nonet, Mick Garrick big band, Tim Whitehead and many others.

Recently, Dominic has put together a few gigs for his own nonet with big influences being Jim Mcneely, Steve Gray and Thad Jones. He also has his own quartet whose normal lineup is Gareth Lockrane - flutes, Nick Tomalin - piano, Dominic Howles - double bass and Matt Fishwick - drums.

Double bassists who are an influence are :- Paul Chambers, Ray Brown, Oscar Pettiford, Wilbur Ware, Sam Jones, Scott La Faro, Dave Holland, Larry Grenadier, Christian Mcbride and many others.

Dominic has recently recorded his own Septet in late 2013. The band includes Allison Neale-Flute, Steve Fishwick - Trumpet, Jamie O'Donnell - Alto , Josephine Davies - Tenor, Nick Tomalin -Piano, Dominic Howles - Double Bass, Matt Fishwick - Drums. The planned CD release date will be in the Autumn of 2014 and the CD will be called Bristolian Thoroughfare, by the Dominic Howles Septet.


1990Tommy ChaseGooga Mooga
1995Malcom Earle Smith Lyric Trombone
2000Frank Griffith Nonet Live
2002Tim Richards Trio Twelve by Three
2006Pete Lukas Arrival
2009Tim Richards TrioShapeShifting
2009TriessenceCatch The Wind
2012Cindy Douglas My New Jive
2013Kevin Fitzsimmons Show me the Way
2013Gil CookMorning with You
2014Dominic Howles Septet Bristolian Thoroughfare
2015Dominic Howles Quartet Radio Cannonball
2015Tim Richards Hextet Telegraph Hill



Dominic Howles

Dominic Howles

Dominic Howles

Dominic Howles

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Dominic Howles


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